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Spanish Programs


Mami y yo: This is our most pampered program! A very interactive and participative total Spanish immersion class, where parent (caregiver) and child are actively sharing in an excellent moment learning Spanish together through stories, songs and games. Parents learn Spanish with their child, by their exposure to their new language, in order to practice at home and in their everyday life.


Aventura: This program is defined exactly by its name: Adventure! Children come two classes per week and learn, key phrases, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, colors, among others. But, beyond of these, they are going to learn academic foundations that, even when it is going to happen in Spanish, they are very useful for their future academic life in any language.


SSL: Spanish as a Second Language is our popular program for kids who already are able to read and write and participate in adventures and activities that keep them engaged with the new language. We also have tutoring for students taking Spanish as part of their academic subjects.


We offer different options for adults. 

SSL for Adults: A program designed for people who wants to learn Spanish as a Second Language for social or everyday life purpose. 

Tutoring for Spanish College Students: A support for students taking Spanish courses in College.

Organizational SpanishSapere Learning Center offers Spanish Classes that are designed to fulfill each customer's goal and need. This is a tailored program  where participants develop specific skills depending on their input level and their area of work . This could be  one-on-one, group, or On-Site classes. 

Spanish programs on areas, such as:

Businesses, Engineering, Manufacturing, Health, Education, Traveling, Office, and more.

Preparing for Job Interviews,


Conversational & Accent Reduction

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